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What kind of protection offer Ceramic Pro?


Ceramic Pro is not a paint protection, wax or sealant that will wash away or break down over time. It is a nano-ceramic coating that forms a permanent adhesion to the paint and can only be removed through abrasion. No chemical can dissolve the coating.


What is it technology 9H?


When the coat hardens it creates a surface that can resist stone chips and all sorts of light scratches. The glass coat is rated scale of above 9H Tested by SGS. This scale is used in the coating industry to determine hardness, 9H is the highest on the scale. The coat will stay hard for a lifetime if maintained correctly.


Once the coating is applied you will see a mirror effect, glossiness and colour depth, incomparable to anything else! With proper maintenance your car’s finish will shine for many years to come.


 The shine from this product is not comparable to any other product on the market. It has to be seen in real life.

 9H hardness


 Superior gloss


 Permanent Adhesion


 Chemical Resistant


 Super Hydrophobic


 Self Cleaning effect


 Anti Graffiti


 Extreme heat resistance


 Minimize ageing


SGS certified

Ceramic Pro® is For Professional Use Only and Can only be applied by Approved Applicators.

How does the process look like?

Stage 1


Detail wash is the first stage of the entire ceramic coating process.

Includes pre wash, wash with microfibre glove, tar removal, chemical paint decontamination and clay bar treatment.

It’s very important stage before paint correction.


Stage 2


Another step in preparing your car before ceramic coating is the paint correction. Usually even a few months old cars need 3 stage paint correction.

This process is the most time consuming and takes from 10-20 hours. That’s why we are not able to give you a quote over the Facebook for this service. We need to see the paintwork first.

Stage 3

Finally after the long process of preparing your car for ceramic coating we can start applying Ceramic Pro 9h and Top coat on the paint. Ceramic Pro Wheels&Calliper and Top coat on the alloys. Ceramic Pro Glass on the windows around.

Final result

After around 25 hours spent on that car finally the X6 is ready to go to the owner.

Ceramic Pro packages
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