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Full Valet

Full valet includes interior and exterior detail cleaning.

- detail wash, paint decontaminnation, tar removal and wax

- tyres and outside plastics wash and dressing

- seats removal

- interior detail vaccum, extractor cleaning of seats, mats. 

- dashboard, stearing wheel, door cards, vents detailing and dressing

- windows polsih 

Our competitive pricing package is:

Small:    €100 (Micra, Corsa, Ibiza, polo)

Medium: €150 (hatchbacks, saloons)

Large:    €170  (SUV, 7 seater) 

Time needed for this service is approximately 8 hours.


Mini valet costs €50 & includes:

Interior deep vacuum cleaning, dashboard and door cards cleaning and dressing. windows cleaning  service dedicated  to well maintained cars what need interior refresh.


Service includes:

Quick exterior wash and drying with quick wax.

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